Video Tape Transfer

video tape transfer

Video Tape Transfer Prices

Video to DVD Transfer – £10 per tape

Video to Blu-ray Transfer – £12 per tape

Video to MP4 – £10 per tape (emailed to you)

USB – your videos on a USB (MP4 format) – £10 extra per order

Extra Copies – £5 per tape

10% off orders of 10 or more Video Tapes

Video Formats

VHS / S-VHS & VHS-C Tapes

8mm Tapes (Hi8, Video 8, Digital 8 (D8) & 8mm Cassettes)

Betamax (+£5 per tape)

Camcorder (Mini DV) Tapes

Camera Hard Drive (AVCHD)

Video Tapes are snapshots of your life; they catalogue your time with loved ones and contain countless precious memories.

While videotape recording was a fantastic technology at the time, the tape itself is quite fragile and so over time as it is watched and wound forwards and backwards repeatedly it can become damaged.

Digitising your tapes will put the footage onto a DVD, Blu-ray or USB (your choice) and ensure that your precious memories are saved for future generations as well as giving you a format that can be easily shared with friends and family to view. Perfect for those with international family who would like to relive memories again.

In addition to Video Tape Transfers I also offer Cine Film Transfers and can scan and digitise your slides through my Slide & Negative Scanning service.

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