Negative Film & Slide Scanning

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Slide Scanning Prices


£0.90 per slide ( 0-10 slides )

£0.85 per slide ( 10+ slides )

£0.80 per slide ( 25+ slides )

£0.75 per slide ( 50+ slides )

£0.70 per slide ( 100+ slides )

£0.60 per slide ( 200+ slides )

£0.50 per slide ( 1,000+ slides )

£0.40 per slide ( 2,000+ slides )

Film Negative Scanning Prices


£0.70 per negative ( 0-10 )

£0.65 per negative ( 10 + )

£0.55 per negative ( 25 + )

£0.50 per negative ( 50 + )

£0.45 per negative ( 100 + )

£0.35 per negative ( 1,000 + )

£0.30 per negative ( 2,000 + )

Slide Scanning & Negative Film Scanning brings your treasured memories into the digital age from £0.40 per slide and £0.30 per Negative Film Transparency.

Digitising your slides and film negatives gives them a new lease of life allowing you to view them on your computer or a DVD player whenever and wherever you are.

Using a high-resolution scanner I take each individual slide and carefully clean any dust off it with a goats hair brush before it’s scanned. Once it’s scanned into the computer each image is checked in Photoshop to remove any colour fading, casts or damage to the slide or negative to bring it back to its original vibrance and clarity.

I am also able to offer Video Tape Transfers, Audio Transfer, and Cine Film Transfers to completely digitise your analogue family archives.

Media Formats

We can digitise from Super 8, 110, 126KPK and 135 slide formats as well as film and negatives.

Extra Copies

Extra DVD copies of the Scanned Slides and Negatives are just £5 each.

Transfer to DVD Included

Our scanning charge includes transferring the high resolution JPEGs to a labelled DVD with a case.

4800dpi Photo Scanning and 6400dpi for Slides & Film

Professional high resolution scanning to bring your slides and negatives into the digital age and allow you to produce large photo prints.

Hand Checked

Each slide or negative is checked by hand to ensure it is dust free for the optimal scan quality

Digital Slide Restoration

Once scanned your digital slide image is carefully checked and any colour fading or damaged is repaired before being put on to DVD.

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