Photograph Restoration

Photograph Restoration and digital image repair is the process of taking your old damaged and faded photographs and breathing new life into them through digital restoration and repair.

If your photograph has been photographs have been faded with age, had coffee spilt on them or even been torn or cut in half I can scan the pieces and put it back together for you. Once the photograph has been scanned to a high resolution it is brought into Photoshop where I work on it digitally, restoring the colour and fixing creases, tears and other damage.

After the photograph restoration is complete the finished image is put on a CD for you to enable you to print high resolution copies of the restored image and share them with friends and family.

Restoration starts at £20 dependant upon the level of restoration work required to bring your photograph back to life. I also work with two other restoration specialists to guarantee high quality restoration and re-colouring work.

If you are digitising other parts of your family memories I also offer a Video Tape Transfer, Cine Film Transfer and Slide and Negative Scanning services.

Photograph Restoration examples

photo restoration before
photo restoration
photo restoration before
photo restoration after
image restoration before
image restoration after
photograph restoration
photo restoration

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