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Capturing every teeny tiny finger & toe

Welcome to the world little one, you are loved.

Everything is so small and perfect with a baby it’s an honour to be asked to capture this important time. Day on day newborns are changing so rapidly that you blink and suddenly they’re toddlers (trust me, I’ve got 2 kids of my own).

A warm, comfy studio with plenty of white noise is the perfect setup for your newborn baby’s first photo shoot. Keeping the atmosphere calm throughout ensures that I am able capture your precious new addition without while keeping them relaxed. I often find newborns sleep through most if not all of the photo shoot experience which gives me time to get the perfect angles for their photographs as well as close-ups of all the tiny fingers and toes.

If your new bundle of joy hasn’t arrived yet then you might want to consider a Pregnancy Photo Shoot which captures the special time before they arrive and actually includes the Newborn Photo Shoot with it as a bundle. Also if you’d like to join in with the baby and maybe have some with any siblings then I offer a Family Photo Shoot which would be perfect for this.


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Mounted Prints & Gallery Framed Prints

Mounted Prints finished beautifully in a black and silver freestanding frame from £30 or upgrade to a Gallery Framed Print which comes in one of our carefully crafted ready-to-hang handmade frames from £60.

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Digital Images

Print what you want, when you want, wherever you want with the flexibility that Digital Image options offer you. Saved on a USB for you to use in your computer or TV my digital image bundles start at £150.

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Gallery Canvas Prints

My canvas prints are hand-stretched with hand-folded corners & flawlessly finished on chunky 38mm pine frames. Carefully finished with framing tape and printed with inks that will last 100 years without fading they come with a 10 year guarantee and start at £95.

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Your questions answered

A relaxed and casual approach to my newborn photo shoots come with an emphasis on comfort and cosiness. I make sure that your little one is relaxed throughout with a big heater to keep them toasty and white noise to keep them calm (and often asleep). This ensures that you all enjoy your session and will be talking about it, and the pictures for years to come. To see examples of my work please see the top of this page, my Facebook page or view my latest Blog posts.

I find that the best shots are done when the little one is 2 to 4 weeks old as the baby is usually still sleeping a lot in the day (not so much at night though, am I right?) which makes the experience more relaxed for everyone.

Safety is paramount when I work with anyone but this is never more true than when it comes to newborn photo shoots. Everything is cleaned down before you arrive with fresh blankets and thoroughly cleaned surfaces and unlike some photographers, I like to do minimal posing with your baby, allowing them to be as natural as possible in their photographs.

I recommend keeping away from white where possible as it can make your little one look a little washed out against any pale backdrops but anything from pastel colours to big bold bright colours will work great. I’d also recommend bringing along 2 or 3 outfits in case of any accidents (don’t worry if there is, I have everything in the Studio for clear-up and as a Dad myself, it’s nothing i’ve not dealt with before).

Newborn Photo Shoots are set for 30 minutes which is divided roughly like this. The first 5-10 minutes is getting you and your newborn settled and explaining how the photo shoot works. This is followed by 20 minutes of photography which will include different poses and outfits (where possible) to maximise the time. The remaining time is then used to talk about what will happen going forward with editing, your Online Gallery and to book in your Viewing Experience.

Absolutely, my Photography Studio is a large converted double garage which means it’s all on ground level and fully accessible.

Your Online Gallery goes live a few days before your Viewing Experience and gives you the chance to look at your images on a private website from the comfort of your own home.

The Viewing Experience takes place at my shop in Kinver and gives you the chance the relax and see your images on the big screen. After a slideshow of your photographs I will guide you through product samples I have including print, digital and canvas options available to you (with absolutely no pressured sales).

What my lovely customers are saying

Very impressed with the service we have received so far, so many wonderful photo’s to choose from.


My family and I went along last month for our photo shoot. Daniel was brilliant with the children, my two year old was less than impressed with having his picture taken but Daniel was very patient and had lots of props and distraction to keep him looking at the camera. I am very impressed with the photo’s that were taken and they far exceeded my expectations. As I wanted, some lovely memories to treasure.


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