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Cake Smash Photo Shoots

A unique funny, mucky, cakey photo shoot experience for your little one

Cake Smash Photo Shoots are a great way to get some truly unique & funny, mucky, cakey photos of your little one doing something that they’d never be allowed to do at home. It’s always fun to see their eyes light up when the cake appears and they dive in for some brilliant and unpredictable photos.

A Cake Smash Photo Shoot is a great experience at any time but it’s particularly fun to bring them along to celebrate a birthday.


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Your questions answered

Expect cake-based craziness. This is the ultimate chance for your kids to have fun with cake – smash, stamp and stomp on it, eat it, throw it up in the air. This big fun brings with it big smiles and an experience your child will never forget as well as an unforgettable set of photographs too. To see examples of Cake Smashes please see the top of this page, my Facebook page or view my latest Blog posts.

Bold and bright is always a winner. I recommend keeping away from white as it can make your child look a little washed out against the white backdrop. Finally keeping it clean without big brand logos across your clothing helps to retain a timeless quality to the images. I also recommend at least 2 outfits so that there’s a clean set of clothes for them to change into after the cake smashing is complete.

Cake Smash Photo Shoots are set for 1 hour which is divided roughly like this. The first 5-10 minutes is getting you and your family settled (especially important with young children) and explaining how the photo shoot works. This is followed by 10-15 minutes of non-cake photographs. Following this is cake based chaos, a time to get messy and let your child have tons of fun eating, smashing and enjoying the experience. The remaining time is then used to talk about what will happen going forward with editing, your Online Gallery and to book in your Viewing Experience.

I love a challenge and I love my job. I really enjoy working with children that are maybe a little shy or even don’t like having their picture taken as it makes it all the more rewarding when the smiles start flowing. It’s about identifying what makes your child tick and then identifying how to get the best out of them. I tend to find though that as soon as a cake is involved then even the most shy child tends to come out of their shell and give some big smiles for the big cake.

Absolutely, my Photography Studio is a large converted double garage which means it’s all on ground level and fully accessible.

Your Online Gallery goes live a few days before your Viewing Experience and gives you the chance to look at your images on a private website from the comfort of your own home.

The Viewing Experience takes place at my shop in Kinver and gives you the chance the relax and see your images on the big screen. After a slideshow of your photographs I will guide you through product samples I have including print, digital and canvas options available to you (with absolutely no pressured sales).

Before the cake gets smashed I always take some pre-messy photographs of your little one but if you want completely mess-free Photo Shoot then it might be better to look at a Child & Baby Photo Shoot instead. If you want to bring the whole family along then a Family Photo Shoot would be the best option.

While Cake Smashes are often for little ones there’s really no age limit and i’ve had a 10 year old in the Studio who had just as much fun as the 1,2 and 3 year olds!

What my amazing customers are saying

Very impressed with the service we have received so far, so many wonderful photo’s to choose from.


My family and I went along last month for our photo shoot. Daniel was brilliant with the children, my two year old was less than impressed with having his picture taken but Daniel was very patient and had lots of props and distraction to keep him looking at the camera. I am very impressed with the photo’s that were taken and they far exceeded my expectations. As I wanted, some lovely memories to treasure.


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