Audio Tape Transfer

audio tape transfer

Audio Transfer Prices

Audio Cassettes (both sides) – £20 per tape

Reel to Reel Transfer – £25 per hour of audio (£20 per additional hour)

45rpm and 78rpm Vinyl Record Transfers  – £8 per record

Extra Copies – £5 per item

Audio Formats

Reel to Reel Audio Transfer, 33 1/3 rpm Record, Audio Cassette Tapes, Mini Disc, Dictaphone & DAT, 45rpm and 78rpm Records

Audio Tapes are sometimes all that is left in terms of being able to hear someone that perhaps is no longer with us anymore, equally it can be a great way to re-live a special time.

Unfortunately, as technology moves on, the means to play audio cassettes and reel to reel audio tapes becomes increasingly difficult and the media itself can become fragile through repeated playback and sometimes due to being stored in less than ideal conditions.

Digitising your audio will preserve it and transfer it into MP3 files which are high quality, easily playable and shareable meaning you can send it to friends and family all over the world so that they can re-live the memories with you.

In addition to Audio Transfers I also offer Cine Film Transfers and Video Tape Transfers and can scan and digitise your slides through my Slide & Negative Scanning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard turnaround is 2 weeks depending on the volume of the order and the current workload.

If your audio is damaged I cannot guarantee a perfect transfer but if i’m unable to transfer it then there is no charge.

I have a Shop in Kinver at 1 Chenevare Mews, DY7 6HB where you can bring your audio to me, or alternatively, I have a drop-off point in Wall Heath (Grandpa’s Sweet Shop) which also accepts all video, audio, and cine orders for me. If you live further afield then you are more than welcome to send them via courier however I ask that you make sure they are securely packaged and sent via tracked and signed for to ensure safe delivery.

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