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What to wear to your Photo Shoot

One question I’m often asked when people book in for a photoshoot is “what shall I wear?”

It’s something that many people already have an idea of, but it’s useful to have a better understanding of what will work in front of the camera, and what might not turn out so well. It’s great that there is so much variety for babies to wear, but a firm favourite is still white. Yes, white complements all skin tones, and those pure cotton socks and soft knitted cardigans bring back some lovely memories, but they also disappear against a white background and can look a little washed out, especially on fairer haired children. Instead, soft grey is a great neutral tone that is timeless, genderless and also works well in any room that the pictures will be hung in. Some people opt for a classic pink or blue, but in many cases, pale sage green or soft lemon yellow can also be cheerful and complimentary.

Older children are another ball game. I’ve found over the years that it goes one of two ways; a bold and flamboyant personality will choose their own outfit and be loud and proud about it, or it will be a simple “I don’t mind” (hopefully!) along with a shrug. Kids’ clothes these days tend to be bright, exciting and varied which is always nice to bring into the shots to help your kids stand out against the backdrop. The only things I advise you to avoid are again, white (though, for example, a white blouse under a coloured cardigan will work just fine) and big logos which might not necessarily stand the test of time are also good to avoid.

Remember, your photoshoot experience is personal, so don’t feel as if a new outfit is completely necessary. A favourite, something that compliments your personality and makes you remember the good times, is always a great way to go!

If you’re Photo Shoot is set to be Outdoors somewhere such as Kinver Edge which will incorporate a beautiful natural background then you have a bit more freedom to choose whatever colours work for you. In this instance, I suggest trying to compliment the colours found in nature during the season of your photo shoot, for example during Autumn when there are a lot more oranges and browns i’d suggest perhaps blues or greens would work well to contrast against the background.

You can always browse the Blog for previous Photo Shoots for clothing ideas or check out our Facebook or Instagram to see what other families have gone for with their family photo shoot.

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