baby photoshoot stourbridge ariella
baby photographer stourbridge ariella
baby photography stourbridge ariella
photoshoot baby stourbridge ariella


1 year old baby girl photoshoot

Just look at that smile!

This time in the studio we were joined by 1-year-old Ariella, a bouncing bundle of joy, and her parents. Did you know that in days gone by, blue was a more traditional colour for baby girls? This is certainly the case for this lovely denim dress, that while neutral and comfortable, also sets off the soft tone of this little lady’s skin perfectly. We will always encourage you to think about baby’s outfit as something that really captures who they are.

Why not bring a change to mix things up a little? Ariella took full advantage of our range of props and toys. We have recently overhauled our collection of toys, focusing on natural wood and bright colours. Luckily for me, the range available today is vast and we love shopping for toys.

Ariella particularly liked the stacking rainbow and unicorn stool. It’s also a good idea to bring a favourite toy with your child, as having something familiar to interact with can help initially settle them into a new, unusual environment. Ariella chose her stuffed rabbit to cuddle in some of the pictures although she didn’t need help smiling, beaming from start to finish! I will always do my utmost to help children feel at home in the studio to produce the best possible results; natural smiles are by far the best!

This photoshoot was all about capturing Ariella and so we did it as one of our Child & Baby Photo Shoots which are 100% all about the kids, plenty of time to help them relax and enjoy the entire experience. If you’re looking to stop time and capture your little one in some picture-perfect portraits this is a great option or if you’d like to be in some of the photographs instead then we also offer a Family Photoshoot which has the time a little more spread out to allow for different group photographs.

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