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Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot

Family Photos, gender reveal and an engagement

Today we welcomed lucky photo shoot gift voucher recipients Terri-Anne and Sam to the studio, who brought along their beautiful two year old daughter Grace.

This shoot was multi-purpose from the start, as the couple not only wanted to capture a family photo as it is, but also use the sessions to reveal the gender of their new addition who they are expecting later this year. Just as we thought all surprises were out of the way, Sam had another trick up his sleeve, revealing to Terri-Anne that we had been in cahoots beforehand to plan a surprise proposal on camera in the Studio!

After Sam had dropped to one knee and popped the questions I waited a few tense seconds, which probably felt like hours to Sam, Terri-Anne said YES! and in her own words, the smile hasn’t left her face since.

If you’d like to plan a gender reveal, surprise proposal or even just capture your nearest and dearest family in photos, get in touch.

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