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If lockdown has inspired us to do anything it’s to sort.  We’ve sorted our hobbies, our relationships, our priorities.  Mostly though, we sorted our houses.  Like many people, I came across a vast treasure trove of family photos.  Not only that but there were also slides, negatives, and Video Tapes from Christmases and holidays past.  It’s something we often take for granted, but sorting out these photographs has given me a wonderful insight into the past, seeing faces I hadn’t seen for years and stirring memories I thought were gone.  It was also a wonderful way to pass the time to enjoy some embarrassing baby photographs, and admire just how dapper my parents and grandparents were in their youth.  There are holiday locations I never knew about, relatives I’d never seen pictures of before and places long forgotten.  I’m lucky enough to be able to put some of the history to these images; my grandparents traveled all over the world and would often talk of their adventures, but it’s only now I’m able to enjoy just how vibrant their lives have been.  

This discovery meant we were able to digitally scan, restore and catalogue the photographs, even compiling a select few into a book to enjoy with family at Christmas. Often, these photographs are left in lofts and garages and forgotten about in less than adequate conditions.  Paper is fragile, slides, negatives and film even more so. 

Scanning and cataloguing your images digitally is a great way to keep them safe for future generations.  Equally, restoring damaged photographs with our Photograph Restoration service can breathe life into forgotten memories.  Now, with the past preserved and my family photos safely digitised, they are ready to share with our own children, when they are old enough to see that Mummy and Daddy weren’t always tired! 

If you’d like to preserve your memories for the next generation or even to celebrate a milestone birthday, why not consider out our Slide & Negative Scanning and Video to DVD Transfer services, it makes for a wonderfully personal and unique gift that will be treasured for generations to come.

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