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Product Photography: Vixen the Witch Art Doll

It had to happen sooner or later; in late October the entire family came down with a mild case of Covid. Half term was cancelled, shoots were moved, and we found ourselves in the welcome oasis of the back garden.

Fortunately, there was one project that needed our attention, and the weather was just right. I have photographed many of my wife’s puppets and art dolls over the years, but this side of life has been quiet for the last four years, so when she decided to begin making again, I knew there would be a chance to undertake some truly unusual product photography.

Though we have photographed dolls in the studio, the star of the show, Vixen the Garden Witch, was designed with the natural world in mind. Fortunately, we were still able to get into the garden, and along with a few clever props (some miniature mushrooms, a broom made of twigs, and a tiny pumpkin) I spent the afternoon capturing the little witch going about her business, sweeping leaves away, sitting atop a mossy brick, and gazing wistfully into the afternoon. Krista loves adding subtle details to character and costume, so I also had to capture things like tiny little freckles and a flower-laden hat that measures barely five inches in height.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s amazing what just the right camera angle, macro lens, lucky natural lighting, and a willing poseable model can achieve. It’s a unique form of product photography where I’m able to stretch my creative side and get to grips with a lesser-explored side of the business.

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