stourbridge dog pet photoshoot
mika husky pet portrait kinver
mika husky pet photo shoot
mika husky pet portrait

Mika the Husky’s Pet Photo Shoot

Introducing Mika, who joined us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a very special photo shoot. Mika, who is a stunning five-year-old husky, is the proud claimant of Best in Show at this year’s Kinver Crufts. Frankly, we can’t blame the judges one bit! 

Mika happily spent her session prancing, posing, and even providing us with a few comical shots, too!

A pet portrait is the perfect way to immortalise your furry companion, whether they’re used to strutting their stuff like Mika, or simply happy to sit and chomp on a beloved chew toy it’s always a pleasure to capture their personality in each and every picture.  

We offer both individual pet portraits or they can join you at a full family photo shoot. As Christmas is approaching, why not give a loved one a Pet Portrait Gift Voucher for a present to make them smile for years to come?

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