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Outdoor Pet Photo Shoot at Kinver Edge

Birthday Photo Shoot with Rupert the Miniature Schnauzer

Let’s go for a walk …. or possibly a misdirected run over Kinver Edge in this Photo Shoot’s case.

Wendy got in touch with me to arrange a surprise outdoor photoshoot for her daughter Emily’s upcoming birthday. She wanted some pictures of her daughter with her dog Rupert who is a 3-year-old miniature schnauzer. Having arranged it all via email we settled on meeting by the ice cream van at the top of Kinver Edge, which is a beautiful location full of natural backgrounds for photographs, especially good for pet photoshoots. The trouble is that the ice cream van also parks by the Rock Houses which is on the other side of Kinver Edge and so while I waited at one site, they were waiting at another. Fortunately having lived in Kinver most of my life I knew how to get to them and hot-footed it over to meet them at the top by the toposcope.

Once we’d all caught our breath we had a great time, walking and snapping away, often stopping to use the beautiful yellow gauze for backdrops, which is particularly stunning at the moment. Rupert was very well behaved throughout and the perfect pet poser as you can see in the photographs above.

While studio photoshoots are always fun (and reliable when the weather is unsure), I think it’s especially nice to get outdoors for pet photoshoots and capture them at play, running after sticks, and exploring the great outdoors. It always makes for a great set of natural photographs to hang on the wall in pride of place (something nice to look at the next time they’re chewing on your slippers).

For more information on our Pet Photoshoots head over to the Pet Photo Shoot page or give the button below a click to get booked in.

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