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Social Distancing & Our Safe Studio Shoot Setup

covid 19 measures

Safety Summary

✔️ Sanitiser Station (use on arrival and departure)

✔️ Masks (your Photographer will wear one throughout the Photo Shoot)

✔️ 2m Markings

✔️ Enhanced Cleaning

During these uncertain times we have taken extra measures to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable studio experience with us.

If you’ve visited us before then you’ll know the Studio is a good size and able to accommodate social distancing guidelines of 2 metres distancing without any problems, we’ve marked this out on the edge of the backdrop so that you can see.

Additionally due to the large door we are able to keep it well ventilated and have set up a hand sanitation station which we ask you to use on arrival and departure from your Photo Shoot.

Throughout the Photo Shoot your photographer will be wearing a mask for added safety although you don’t have to do this (we do ask that unless you are exempt that you wear your mask when you are not being photographed though).

Enhanced cleaning is also done between Photo Shoots with anti-bacterial wipes on the backdrop and any blankets that have been used are removed from the Studio for cleaning.

We hope this short post helps you to relax and book safe in the knowledge that we are doing our upmost to keep you safe in the Studio. If you have any questions though please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the form below.

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