Pet Portrait : Connie & Caoimhe

collie pet photo shoot
sheep dog pet portrait
collie pet portrait

Pet Portrait : Conne & Caoimhe

Family means to different things to different people, but if there’s one thing that unites many of us, it’s our love of pets.

We love having four legged friends visit the studio for their own special half hour Pet Photo Shoot to capture them at their very best. We were joined by Laura and her two sheepdogs Connie and Caoimhe.

Both dogs were quite shy and required extra care to ensure a happy and fruitful experience. Connie has competed in the past, behaved very well and loved posing for her photographs. Isn’t she photogenic? and Caoimhe was full of beans!

To book your furry friend in for their very own pet portrait, head over to our Pet Photo Shoots page!

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