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The Hot Choc Club is a company we’ve been working with over the past few months to provide them with professional product and promotional photography for their hot chocolate subscription company.

They offer a wide range of hot chocolate options including some really unusual ones such as Orange & Geranium which can be purchased in various boxed sizes or through a subscription service on the Hot Choc Club website. Our work with them began as pure white background ‘amazon style’ product photography to give their products the clean and contemporary look that a lot of ecommerce sites require, however lately they’ve found that people have been responding more to a more relaxed and natural lifestyle approach to their products photographs.

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Therefore we took their next set of promotional photographs from a totally different perspective, this time using the product itself with a quirky mug they bought with them to setup their products as though they were being used more in-situ rather than just in a studio. This allowed us to take more creative shots with areas out of focus and an emphasis on areas such the marshmallows in the mug (because it’s not a real hot chocolate without marshmallows right!?).

The lighting setups for the promotional photography varies greatly depending on if the client wants a lifestyle approach or a white background product shoot. This is because as soon as you add a flash it makes everything a lot brighter and so it seems to remove the realness that can be conveyed when the light is a lot softer and so for the lifestyle photographs we often find ourselves using a tripod with a long shutter speed of around 1 second to make sure we don’t need to use the flash to add extra light in. Intead of triggering the flash we use the studio lights as a continuous light setup to add light to the products without being too harsh in the finished photograph.

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Our Product Photography is available from £30 per hour and we’re always happy to provide a no-obligation quote for you. Head over to our Product Photography page for more information and to find out how we can help your products stand out from the crowd.

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