Pet Photo Shoot : Sebastian the Dog

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In the Studio the other day we had Sebastian for his Pet Photo Shoot.

Seb is a wire-hired part-dog, part-kangaroo, as far as we can tell from his Pet Photo Shoot with us. During the Photo Shoot he spent equal parts exploring the Studio, jumping up and down off the sofa and leaping up to see his owner Emily seemingly never getting tired (we got tired out just watching him!). He was great fun and what we especially love about photographing dogs is that they are always so inquisitive about everything and you can always tell when they’re having fun by the expressions on their face (as well as the wagging tails).

Seb was bursting with personality and I think this shows in his range of photographs, a few of which can be seen above.

If you’re looking for some Pet Portrait Photography for fluffy best friend fill in the Pet Photography Enquiry Form below and we’ll get back to you.

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