Product Photography : Flashez LED Trainers

In a bit of a switch around from the usual people and pets that come to the Studio recently we had an enquiry for some Product Photography to photograph some LED trainers for a new company called Flashez. These fun trainers are sure to be popular with kids and club goers alike as they can be charged through a USB (there’s a discreet charge point built in to them) and then you can then cycle through 8 different colours with each shoe being a different colour if you want and so the colour combinations are endless. There’s also a ‘disco-esque’ strobe mode which cycles through all of the colours for if you really want to stand out in the crowd.

trainers promotional photography
trainers product photography
product photographer midlands

Our job with the Product Photography was to capture these trainers in all the variations of colours against a black backdrop to showcase them on the Flashez website. The challenge was that we needed to make sure the colours of the LED would show up properly in the photographs while making sure the trainers (both white and black versions as well as other colours) were properly illuminated. Usually we would use the studio flashes to illuminate products to ensure a nice and bright product and a high quality image however when testing this it was clear that using the flash would make the LED colours show as washed out, therefore we had to photograph them using the camera on a tripod with the trainers set on a piece of black acrylic (to create a nice reflection of the product and the LED). We setup the Octabox light to point at the trainers with a small background light catching just the edge of the side of the trainers (to help boost the lighting on the darker trainers).

product photography lighting
flashez animated led trainers

Once it was setup we used the cameras built in self-timer to ensure there was no camera shake during while the product photographs were being taken with the camera settings at an Aperture of f/10 (to ensure the product photograph was sharp throughout), a Shutter Speed of 0.8 second and ISO 100 (to give the highest quality image). You can see an example of the lighting setup we used below and some examples photographs from the Flashez Product Photography Photo Shoot below.

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Our Product Photography is available from £30 per hour and we’re always happy to provide a no-obligation quote for you. Head over to our Product Photography page for more information and to find out how we can help your products stand out from the crowd.

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