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365 Project : Week 20

Week 20, this week featuring a pub, pond and platty.

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Here’s Week 20 of 52, to see previous weeks please click here

pond scum swamp

134/365 – ‘Swamp’

Since we moved into our house in November 2014 we’ve not gotten around to clearing the pond, however it seems like nature has taken over and it now contains a number of frogs and even looks a bit like a swamp at the right angle.

party zone pinball machine retro birmingham

135/365 – ‘The Party Zone’

Cocktails in Birmingham for my wife’s 30th Birthday and then on to a pinball themed pub called ‘Tilt’ where they had fantastic old pinball machines.

green cups nature plant

136/365 – ‘Cup’

red acer tree macro leaf

137/365 – ‘Acer’

orange patty fish pet aquarium

138/365 – ‘Mep’

A close-up of ‘Framboise’ the orange platty, one of the fish in my wife’s aquarium.
lavender purple flower macro

139/365 – ‘Pastel’

sadlers brewery pub lye midlands

140/365 – ‘Sadlers’

Local pub Sadlers illuminated against a deep blue night sky.

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