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365 Project : Week 18

Week 18, this week featuring a frog, egg shell and red wine.

You can follow my 365 Project progress with the weekly posts on here or daily posts over at the 365 Project website.

Here’s Week 18 of 52, to see previous weeks please click here

red gel mask flash earring

120/365 – ‘Il Dottore’

Il Dottore mask earring from Commedia Dell’arte, given a warm red colouring using my hand as a colour gel for the flash (do not try this at home – flash heads get very hot! – buy these instead).

red wine glass

121/365 – ‘Tinto’

A nice relaxing evening, made even more relaxing with a glass of red.

frog stones gravel macro

122/365 – ‘Mr Frog’

Today I evicted a frog from the succulent I was attacking to make space in the garden and bless him he even stopped for a photograph.

blackbird blue egg shell broken macro

123/365 – ‘A New Start’

A beautiful blue blackbirds shell, found pretty much in half but the detail in this fragile little thing is lovely.
nature flower blossom

124/365 – ‘Burst’

Rather a typical nature macro shot of blossom but with the yellow flower bokeh behind I thought it added something a little different to it.
light stairs macro stripes

125/365 – ‘Zag’

The light through the blinds seemingly bending around the stairs to create an abstract pattern.
peace lilly flower nature

126/365 – ‘Peach’

A macro shot of our Peace Lilly which has a beautiful white petal curled over a vivd green centre.

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