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365 Project : Week 17

Week 17, this week featuring puppets, tulips and heavy rain.

You can follow my 365 Project progress with the weekly posts on here or daily posts over at the 365 Project website.

Here’s Week 17 of 52, to see previous weeks please click here

dandelion red flower background

113/365 – ‘León Rojo’

A simple shot of a Dandelion set against a striking red background (in this case a rubbish bin – you can find a good backdrop anywhere if you look hard enough)

yellow tulip flower macro

114/365 – ‘Spring’

A closed yellow tulip found amongst a patch of long grass.

blue jeans denim macro fabric trousers

115/365 – ‘Fibres’

An up-close macro shot of a pair of denim jeans, emphasising the fine fibres of the fabric.

art doll puppet handmade ooak

116/365 – ‘Augustine’

A throwback photograph to one of the most thoughtful gifts i’ve ever received, a handmade one-of-a-kind art doll made by my wife. This was one of her earlier dolls that she knew I admired from the beginning when I photographed it for her as part of a university project.
heavy rain hail weather

117/365 – ‘Four Seasons’

Wonderful English weather strikes again, from glorious sunshine through pouring rain and even some large hail stones, all in the space of a few hours.
purple plant flower macro

118/365 – ‘Highland Pink’

A close-up of a beautiful Scottish heather. 
purple tulip flower macro

119/365 – ‘Solo’

A single, solitary purple tulip, nothing fancy but sometimes it’s nice to take a slightly more obvious photograph while still admiring the beauty of nature.

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