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365 Project : Week 16

Week 16, this week featuring trees, plants and ponds

You can follow my 365 Project progress with the weekly posts on here or daily posts over at the 365 Project website.

Here’s Week 16 of 52, to see previous weeks please click here

black white tree silhouette

106/365 – ‘Outlines’

A simple black and white shot of a tree, taken to accentuate the trees shape against a clear sky.

shadow blind light

107/365 – ‘Ellipses’

An abstract shot of the blinds forming elongated shadow ellipses, once again, my fascination with the light on them continues.

plant cup shed outdoor

108/365 – ‘Cuppa’

We’ve placed some small succulent plants in vintage tea cups on our shed as something a bit different to brighten it up and I couldn’t resist a shot of it completed.

green succulent plant macro

109/365 – ‘Verde’

A macro shot of these strange, alien like suckers on the end of this plant.

water droplet macro

110/365 – ‘Aqua’

It’s always nice to shoot water with a macro lens, it gives you so many possibilities and after my wife had watered the plants in I noticed that the droplets were sticking to the shed.

grease pond water

111/365 – ‘Pondering’

The sky reflecting in our, untouched and (currently) unloved pond (it’s a project on the ‘to do’ list).

daisy macro nature flower plant

112/365 – ‘Give Me Your Answer, Do’

A fairly simple and obvious shot but I do love these giant daisy’s with the pure white petals against the vibrant yellow pollen.

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