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365 Project : Week 14

Week 14 and it’s off to Devon this week, specifically Ladram Bay where my cousin got married and we had a few days in the sun.

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ladram bay coast devon

92/365 – ‘E73’

Day one in Devon and the weather is decidedly cloudy and threatening and despite the stunning view the sun is nowhere to be seen and so this moody black and white of the coast with the boats on the beach seemed appropriate.


sidmouth landscape devon

93/365 – ‘Ginifer’

The Wedding Day and the weather couldn’t have been anymore perfect, fluffy white clouds agains a bright blue sky made for some lovely photographs of the happy couple. This shot in particular was taken just outside of Sidmouth at a location the wedding driver very kindly suggested.

pebble beach closeup stones

94/365 – ‘Dash’

Ladram Bay has a great pebble beach, during the walk along it I took this shot which is a little bit ‘obvious’ from what I normally take but the colours and variety in stones seemed too good not to use.

chicken wire owl sculpture

95/365 – ‘Wired’

Monday, another grey day and time to go home but not before a stop off at Otterton Mill which is just outside of Ladram Bay and has a great selection of handmade crafts for sale as well as scones the size of fists made on the premises (highly recommended!). One of the things for sale was this unusual owl made from chicken wire, but unfortunately we hadn’t got space in the car to bring it back and so a picture will have to do for now.

green buds tree

96/365 – ‘Beholder’

An unusual bush, discovered in my garden which has all these strange eye-like buds all over it, waiting to bloom.

three wise monkeys wooden statues

97/365 – ‘Wise’

I’m really not sure why but I really like the Three Wise Monkeys and I came across these guys while searching in the office for some inspiration, the slightly lower viewing angle was intended to make them seem a little more imposing and something to be taken notice of.

canon a1 70-210 vintage old lens

98/365 – ‘The Magic In The Lens’

Every now and then we have some lovely customers who bring us their old cameras in to add to our ever-growing collection of vintage cameras, this is the latest addition a Canon A1 with a 70-210mm Lens on which has a lovely range of colours when looking at the lens from the right angle.

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