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365 Project : Week 13

Week 13 begins with a bank holiday Friday trip to Ironbridge on an exceptionally sunny day leading to a few more abstracts and a lonely ladybird.

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Here’s Week 13 of 52, to see previous weeks please click here

cooling tower ironbridge power station

85/365 – ‘Cool’

A trip to Ironbridge on a sunny bank holiday and a walk down the river to where the old cooling towers are. The way the sun was coming through the clouds I thought it would be a little different to shoot it as a silhouette.

gem stone martain alien

86/365 – ‘The Martian Planet’

A macro shot of a piece of moonstone my wife has, the colours in it remind me of a planet. The piece of moonstone was lit using my mobile phones torch, shot from below.
ceramic plate blue abstract

87/365 – ‘Gills’

Simple but effective use of shadows I think, a simple shot of plates drying, stacked on the rack.


rusty pot wok metal

88/365 – ‘Wear & Tear’

Another day, another kitchen themed shot, this time of the bottom of the frying pan which, while it looks a little worse for wear has created usual markings on it.
paper clips stuck together

89/365 – ‘Clipping’

A bit of a random, fun shot of our paper clip fruit basket, close up to show the cross-overs and joins
paper clips stuck together

90/365 – ‘Contemplation’

A solitary ladybird on my drive, seemed to be deep in thought …. or just asleep.
spanish peseta old money currency

91/365 – ‘Viva España’

Rustling through my wifes collection of foreign coins and I came across this lovely Spanish peseta, from a time before the Euro when the currency was a lot more personal and more interesting (in my opinion).
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