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365 Project : Week 12

Here we go with Week 12 of the 365 Project. This week has a bit of variety, moving from tissue paper to ashes to flowers and more.

You can follow my 365 Project progress with the weekly posts on here or daily posts over at the 365 Project website.

Here’s Week 12 of 52, to see previous weeks please click here

fire pit ashes

78/365 – ‘Ashes to Ashes’

Following on from ‘Fuego’ in last weeks 365 Project, the aftermath of the fire pit, ‘Ashes to Ashes’.


orange flower nature

79/365 – ‘Delicate’

A simple shot of some flowers we had in our kitchen, nothing more, nothing less.

abstract maam wrapping paper gift wrap

80/365 – ‘Ma’am’

One of my favourite shops at the moment is Tiger which is sort of a scaled down Ikea with more focus on stationery and a lot more off the wall, and after a trip there our purchases were wrapped in this bizarre tissue paper that has a queen on it for some unknown reason. 

candle wax beer bottle macro

81/365 – ‘Nectar’

Candles in beer bottles. Simple enough and truth be told an idea ‘borrowed’ from a friends flat, the result was this melted wax down the side of the bottle. 

green plant stems

82/365 – ‘Triffids’

Rich, dark green stems of flowers in a vase resembling overcrowded triffids fighting for survival.

abstract light shadows geomertic shapes

83/365 – ‘Obtuse’

Another week, another geometric shape themed play with lights and shadows on my living room ceiling.

wooden reeds blind

84/365 – ‘Reeds’

A macro shot of my kitchen blinds which, to me, resembled tightly grown reeds.

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