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365 Project : Week 11

Week 11 and with Spring just around the corner this week is very firmly focussed on nature and light.

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wood knot macro closeup

71/365 – ‘Knot’

Quite simply a wonderfully windy, natural swirl pattern on a tree that seemed to be crying out to be photographed.
wood chop abstract

72/365 – ‘Criss Cross’

On the car park by my shop the landlord has been making some alterations and one of these seems to be ripping a piece of wood, but the strange thing about this I thought was the way that it was left, with different shades of colouring, sharp edges and showing many directions layered against the black painted backdrop.
plate drainer metal abstract

73/365 – ‘Curves’

This is one of those shots which was very much a case of it being bad weather outside, after a long day and feeling low on inspiration but fortunately the plate drainer was set up to offer up an abstract style shot, taken from low down.
rose blossom tree

74/365 – ‘Blossom’

I pass this tree every day I come home from work and i’ve been watching it and waiting for it to blossom and now it finally has it felt only fitting that it should be today’s photograph.
tree shedding peeling

75/365 – ‘Anew’

Nature is fascinating and as we move towards Spring we start to see things coming to life and starting anew. Seeing this tree shedding and peeling itself made me think of a fresh start and how it’s taking off its old layer ready to start again.

stairs light shadows abstract

76/365 – ‘Vesta’

Geometry and sharp edged shadows strike again in this photograph, I seem to be finding new patches of light and shade every day in my home lately.
fire pit flames

77/365 – ‘Fuego’

Out with the rubbish, and since we didn’t seem to be finding the time to go to the local tip we decided to set up the fire pit and burn some of the packaging boxes we had gathered over the last few months.
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