Warwick Castle Trip Photographs

warwick castle exterior
warwick castle
peacocks warwick castle
warwick castle aerial
peacock warwick castle
owls warwick castle
eagle warwick castle
snowy owls warwick castle
barn owl
barn owl warwick castle
warwick castle sunset silhouette

Back in November I received a booking for a Photo Shoot over at The Cotswolds and decided to make it a part of a weekend away with my wife. We booked to stay in Stratford-upon-Avon and not far from there is Warwick Castle which we decided we would make a part of the weekend away as neither of us had visited it since we were children.

Warwick Castle is a¬†medieval castle¬†situated in Warwick and hosts a number of events throughout the year, especially during the summer holidays however if you’re looking for a quieter period to enjoy the castle without the crowds then November seems to be a winner as there was little to no queues for anything really. This meant that we were fortunate enough to be able to get a good place to photograph the eagles and owls being flown around the grounds and also get nice and close to the peacocks that wander around the grounds. Visiting later in the year also meant that the sun set a lot earlier and so it made for a beautiful view of the castle being silhouetted as it set.

From a Photography point of view the castle offers many different views to see Warwick and the surrounding countryside from as well as wildlife, architecture, plenty of places for panoramas and a challenge to capture the birds in flight as they soar around the grounds.

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