Photo Walk : Stroll Up The Woods

A cold windy day in January and of course being just after New Year’s my wife and I thought we should get some exercise and given that it was actually not raining by us on Sunday we went for a walk over the fields and woods near where we live.

We were probably only walking about 40-50 minutes in total (with photography stops along the way) and walked just over 1.5 miles but in that space we encountered so much to photograph, as you’ll see below, it made me think how you don’t have to go far to flex your photography muscles and in my opinion everyone should get out of the house more, get a little fitter and get shooting more of where you live.

When you’re taking pictures I find that you loose track of time and distance as well as practicing and improving your photographic skills and it seems as good a time as any to start a new hobby of making sure you take your camera with you whenever you go for a walk, no matter how short or far. It’s a simple commitment but I bet you’ll find your photographs improve in no time.

Take a look at my photo walk below to see how many styles of photograph and different pictures I captured in this small amount of time and distance.

All images were photographed using a Canon 7D with a Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 lens.

countryside landscape

A simple landscape to start as we reached the top of the hill

dog running in a field

Almost straight after taking the landscape above, a friendly dog came running over to us, a quick dip lower and a quick shutter speed adjustment to capture his movement.

Dogs are always fun to photograph as they’re just so unpredictable as to where they will go but this one was great and ran straight towards the camera.

puddle selfie trees

If you’re reading this in the UK then you’ll know we’ve had a particularly miserable and wet few weeks and the path to the woods by us was almost completely flooded, meaning we had to span it with our legs and move quite awkwardly along (not a pretty sight).

As I was going across a particularly big puddle I noticed myself and thought it was a good place for a bit of a different ‘puddle selfie’.

rusted metal
rusted metal panel
abandoned rusty metal panels

Just outside the woods is what seems to be an abandoned piece of land where corrugated metal panels have been left to rot and rust and so of course this meant another photography opportunity for some close up shots of all the colours and marks in the metal.

black white trees birds sky

To finish the Photo Walk I spotted a tree, simple but speckled with birds against a near cloudless sky and thought it could look good in black and white as it was quite nicely silhouetted.

While this may be a seemingly ordinary blog post, it’s really more of an insight into what can be photographed, ranging from fast moving dogs to big puddles to rusted metal all in a very small space, so why not get out there and comment below with links to your Photo Walks, we’d love to see them.

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