Essential Touch Candles Product Photography

Just before Christmas we were approached to photograph a range of candles by a company called Essential Touch. These are all handmade soya candles made by the owner Julia and come in a wide range of fragrances, each coming with an accompanying appropriate flourish within the lid to help set the candles apart from other candle retailers.

From a photographic standpoint, glass is always a bit of a head scratcher, especially when it’s curved and the client has requested a pure white background. For this setup we used two studio lights and a light tent (similar to this one on Amazon) to give us a nice and clean surround and backdrop. The key things to remember when photographing glass is to not use the flash itself where possible (just the modelling lamp to light the area) and to be careful with reflections as it’s easy to take photographs and think they look great until you get to photoshop and notice that you and your camera are reflected in the object and then you’re stuck either re-shooting them or painstakingly going through editing yourself out.

These images were photographed using our Canon EOS 7D using the Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens at f/7.1 shutter speed of 1/200th of a second, ISO 100 with the shutter being remotely fired using a USB cable attached to the camera to remove any chance of camera shake while the photograph was being taken.

sea breeze handmade soya wax candle
red skull handmade soya wax candle

One of our favourites is this Skull Candle which is fun to photograph and fun in general, especially around Halloween!

rainforest handmade soya wax candle
essential touch handmade soya wax candle
cherry handmade soya wax candle
arabian musk handmade soya wax candle

To purchase any of the candles seen here or any of the rest of the wide range head over to the Essential Touch website.

Our Product Photography is available from £25 per hour, please get in touch for more information and a custom quote

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