365 Project : Week 3

3 weeks in and i’m still going with my 365. It’s a real challenge to get a photograph i’m¬†happy with each day but it definitely feels like i’m getting reacquainted with my camera, especially my macro lens which hadn’t previously been used in a good few months as it’s not one I use in the Studio really.

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vintage old accordion

15/365 – ‘Accordion’

This is very much a snapshot of the day, as my wife and I ventured out into town with friends and ended up at our local pub which has a fantastic range of interesting objects including old cameras, typwriters and this beautiful old accordion.

angles walls escher

16/365 – ‘Angles’

Despite sitting in a similar spot each night to watch TV I never really took in the way that the light from our lamp hits¬†the beams above giving it a distorted perspective. At the right angle it made this photograph that aims to make¬†you question if the wall is coming out or going in (attempting to emulate some of M.C Escher’s work).¬†

art doll puppet photograph close up

17/365 – ‘Gwenda’

My wife often makes art dolls (as many of you will have seen in my Puppet Portraits category on this blog) and sometimes we take them to a location or to the studio to be photographed before they get put up on her etsy store. This was very much a studio shoot type of day (cold, wet, miserable outside) and so Gwenda joined us to have her picture taken and I decided to snap this macro of part of her face for something a little different (full Gwenda blog post coming soon!).

curtains macro dark

18/365 – ‘Warp’

Sometimes you need to look at something you’ve seen a thousand times from different angles to see it in a new light and so when I was closing the curtains I decided to try and find a new angle for a photograph of them. I decided on a dark and moody kind of feel due to the colours in the fabric, with just the light catching the gold detail on the curtains.

misty woodland landscape

19/365 – ‘Old Man Winter’

A chilly -2¬įC thick mist and frost on the hill gave me just enough time to take this shot heading into work before I had to retire to the warmth of my car.

hessian bag close up macro

20/365 – ‘Chainmaille’

¬†You may have noticed i’ve got kinda of ‘a thing’ going on with a narrow band of focus with my macro lens at the moment (a lot to do with not having used it in a while). A simple hessian bag close up, in black and white, to me resembled the intricacy of chainmaille.¬†

charm bracelet necklace macro

21/365 – ‘Charmed’

Closing off this week is ‘Charmed’, primarily photographed because my wife had her charm bracelet converted into a necklace this week (easier to wear with the weight of the charms) and so I thought it would make a nice macro shot, putting the cuckoo clock in focus with the bike, hedgehog and more set out of focus behind.

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