365 Project : Week 2

For 2016 i’ve decided to embark upon a personal project in the form of the ‘365 Project’ which involves taking a photograph every day for a year, you can follow my progress with the weekly posts on here or daily posts over at my Facebook Page and the 365 Project website.

Here’s Week 2 of 52, to see Week 1 please click here

ceiling light pattern

8/365 – ‘Light’

I’ve noticed more and more that I don’t look up as often as I should as a photographer, which may sound a strange thing to say but often in the most unlikely places you’ll find patterns or an unusual angle of an object you hadn’t noticed before. I find this particularly true in cities where often the street level shops change but above the architecture remains as it was, sometimes from a hundred or more years ago. In this instance it was in my home that I simply looked up, on my hall landing and noticed the pattern created by the light and shadows.

wood floor boards

9/365 – ‘Board’

While the last photograph was very much a case of looking up, this time I looked down. Specifically to the floorboards for this photograph using a shallow depth of field to lead your eye into the photo and then let it wander up the image and out of frame.

rust iron bent metal

10/365 – ‘Fe2O3

Part of my Photo Walk the other day included an abandoned area just off a main walking path which had many corrugated metal panels that had been left to rot and rust. As someone who loves close-ups, macros and textures this was a perfect place for me to capture an unusual image of the rusted metal, criss-crossing over itself.

The title is the chemical compound for Iron Oxide (rust), a nice name suggestion by my wife.

unicorn pub wollaston stained glass

11/365 – ‘The Unicorn’

Today we lost music legend David Bowie and while I will never call myself his greatest fan, I would always enjoy his music, his outrageous outfits from the past and his approach to life. On the evening my wife and I went to the local pub The Unicorn and here I captured this image of a stained glass unicorn. In a fitting tribute to Bowie I deliberately over-saturated the image to make it more colourful and a bit more ‘Ziggy’.

embers macro out of focus oof street light

12/365 – ‘Embers’

A cold and wet day all round and so my photographic inspiration was fairly low, until I got to where my wife works a little earlier than usual. I noticed the way the rain was hitting the windscreen which was giving the street light a strange glow. This allowed me to use my macro lens to deliberately shoot this image out of focus (manual focus) to exaggerate the bokeh and give quite an abstract feel to the finished photograph.

car roof frost pattern

13/365 – ‘Skaters’

My frosty car roof this morning, to me baring a resemblance to an ice rink where the ice skaters skates have marked the ice.
snow shallow depth of field

14/365 – ‘Glacier’

A small amount of snow has fallen tonight and so I thought it might be nice to feature it and with the blue of my car underneath I think this photograph bares a resemblance to a glacier with the sea beneath.
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