What Should I Do Before My Baby Photo Shoot?

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A question we often get asked in the run up to a clients Baby Photo Shoot is ‘What do I need to do before the photo shoot?’ or ‘What should I bring along?’ and so we’ve prepared a brief guide below to try and ease the worry based upon a number of common questions and general advice we’ve given to clients over the years.

This is not something that we can really answer as each and every baby is unique however from experience we’ve found that baby’s tend to work best for photos around 10:00-11:00am, but this is just generalising. If you let us know the best time (when they’re most alert, usually just after sleep and food) for you and your baby then we will always try and accommodate in order to achiever the best possible photographs of your baby.

For the best results we’ve found that bright, unbranded (no big logos across the top) tops work best for children of around 1 or up and under this age we recommend something a little more muted and pastel as it gives a softer feel to the photographs which helps reflect their age. We recommend bringing along 2-3 changes of clothes for under 1’s and 1-2 changes of clothes for children 1 year and older.

Favourite toys, even with our Newborn Portraits are always nice to include as it’s a reminder of their favourite toy at the time and it also helps to give them a sense of familiarity and something to calm them if they get a little upset. A blanket or two is also a good idea to bring along to your baby photo shoot(even though we have more at the studio than we care to imagine) because, as with the favourite toys, it helps to add some familiarity to the studio for them.

No, don’t worry there’s no need to cancel the photo shoot. If your baby has a mark or small bruise we can remove blemishes, bruises etc in post production without a trace, just make us aware of any editing you want done at the time of the photo shoot so that we can build that into our editing workflow.

Illness is another matter. If your little one is under the weather for any reason then we fully recommend contacting us and re-scheduling. Let’s put it this way, would you want to have pictures taken of you and feel like smiling if you felt ill? no, and your baby is the same. We want to get the photographs that capture their personality in pictures and we’ll get this only when they’re feeling their best.

Feeding is something that in a way comes back to the best time question. We recommend making sure that your baby is well fed and winded just before the photo shoot, especially for newborns as this helps to get the super sweet and sleepy photographs and for those a little older it helps them to be in the best mood possible (no one wants to smile when they’re hungry, right?).

Hopefully this will help you plan for your child’s photo shoot with us but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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