Pet Portrait : Benji the Yorkipoo Puppy (Yorkshire Terrier / Poodle)

pet photographer dudley
pet portrait photograph dudley
pet portrait photography dudley
pet portrait photographer dudley

Welcome to the Studio and Blog little Benji the Puppy who joined us for his First Pet Portrait.

Benji is a Yorkipoo which is a Yorkshire Terrier crossed with a Miniature Poodle which is two kinds of adorable dogs crossed to make an even cuter dog (if Benji is anything to go by!).

He was the definition of the Perfectly Posed Pooch for his Puppy Pet Portrait and as you can see he can stretch himself up big and tall, especially if there’s a toy on hand to play.

Benji lives with his owner in the village and so we often see him trotting along now either in the high street or past the shop which is always extra nice as we get to watch him as he grows up and hopefully photograph him for another Pet Portrait when he’s a bit older.

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