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45 days to go until Christmas, let’s let that sink in a minute …. yes I know that you’ve barely thrown out the pumpkins or packed away the witches and werewolves costumes but it’s just around the corner and there’s no avoiding it. The busiest time of the year is approaching, a time that seemingly turns the shopping centres into a battleground from the latest Call of Duty game as well as somehow making more people than usual feel the need to push and shove you out of the way.

And breathe.

I know this isn’t exactly a positive start to this post but Christmas doesn’t need to be this complete chaos, we’re here to help you with the perfect gifts that are truly heartfelt and will mean you don’t need to go near a shopping centre, we promise!

First of all why not head up to the loft, give it a good clear out (like you’ve been putting off all year I’m sure?) and dig out all your old VHS, 8mm, MiniDV Tapes & Cine Film and bring them down to us where we can convert them to digital format and put them on to a DVD with our Video to DVD Transfer Service to let you re-live those precious family moments around TV after Christmas Dinner (but before the Doctor Who special, because tradition is tradition right?).

While you were up in the loft I’m sure you came across an old photo or two, maybe some of Great Uncle Frank, but they’re damaged photographs and so you don’t really look at them anymore. Let us digitally restore them with our photo restoration service to breathe a new life into them. On the subject of digitising, if you’ve got any slides or negatives in boxes just gathering dust then we’re also able to convert these into high resolution JPEG images.

You know that pile of vinyl records, football shirts and holiday pictures that you’ve been meaning to get framed? We can also do that for you with our framing service, another great gift and perfect way to finish off your treasured possessions to hang them on the wall with pride.

As a sidebar if you’ve got any corrupt memory cards, maybe you dropped the SD card in the custard when you were doing a pre-Christmas meal run through? Don’t panic, we can also recover and repair your memory card with our memory card data recovery service.

Do you know what Grandma and Grampa love for Christmas gifts? Pictures of you and your family! Why not get a family portrait taken at our studio and get them some framed photographs or canvas prints, perfect photo gifts. A Photo Shoot also makes a great gift itself, we offer Photo Shoot Gift Vouchers which come in a matte black card presentation folder and are valid for 6 months to give the lucky recipient plenty of time to get booked in.

Ok so to re-cap, you’ve got the slides and negatives scanned, the videos converted to DVD, the memory cards have been recovered, the photographs restored, everything has been framed, gift vouchers purchased, family photos taken but there’s something still missing …. stocking filler gifts!

Our Online Shop is the perfect place for Christmas gifts from just £2.79 to get some perfectly personalised photo gifts including Double Sided Photo Keyrings, Photo Bottle Openers, Photo Coasters and more.

Basically what we’re saying is, avoid the shopping centre and shop local this Christmas and we’ll help to make it a Calm Christmas.

Finally some dates for your diary for Special Offers!

Friday 27th November is Black Friday as well as Kinver’s Late Night Opening

Monday 30th November is Cyber Monday for Online exclusive special offers

Saturday 5th December is Small Business Saturday

Friday 25th December is Christmas (just another little reminder … sorry)

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