Arthur the Changeling Puppet in the woods

In the immortal words of Monty Python “And Now for Something Completely Different”.

On the Blog today we have Arthur the Changeling Puppet, designed and handmade by Krista Joy of Button Box Gifts and photographed by us in Tinkers Woods near Stourbridge (West Midlands). We’ve worked with Krista since we began back in 2007 and in the more recent years we’ve been photographing her handmade puppets on-location instead of in the studio to make them more believable as living things and often to tell a story. Today’s story in photographs is a journey taken by Arthur who appears to be searching¬†and navigating the uneven terrain of the woodlands with his bindle.

Arthur, like most¬†of Krista’s puppets and products began as a concept art, drawn to tie-in with her Children’s Novel release Dragons and Dreamsellers. This is a photograph of the initial drawing which had the quote ‘For the unprepared, a run-in with fairies can spell disaster …’ from the books Facebook page.

In order to bring Arthur to life Krista uses a combination of polystyrene, latex, ball bearings (to weigh down the feet), sewing and sculpting skills and what we think must be a bit of magic in order to produce puppets such as Arthur.

As you can see below in a few images taken by the artist during his creation.

puppet maker midlands
arthur halfling puppet concept art

We took Arthur to Tinkers Wood for his woodland adventure and with the light pouring in through the trees on a cold Autumn morning it seemed to suit his facial expression which to me seemed to be that of restless but deep in thought.

art dolls photos
puppet photography
art dolls location photos
puppet portrait photographs
puppet photos woods
puppet portrait fairy halfling
puppet portrait woods

In order to tell Arthurs tale as he traversed the treacherous woods and out of the other side into the light I used my Canon 7D with a Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens to get the rich close-ups of Arthur and show his expression throughout.

To see more of Button Box Gifts puppets and products please visit their etsy page over at, Daniel James Photography offers Product Photography from £25 per hour to capture your puppets, products and more.

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