Slide Scanning : How We Scan Your Slides & Negatives

We often get asked how we transfer your precious memories on Slides and Negatives to JPEG digital image format and so we thought we’d put together a short article on our process.

Slides & Negatives Arrive

When you walk into our shop with your Slides and Negatives we will ask a series of questions about how fast you need them processed, how many copies of the finished DVD you will need and finally if you need the slides restoring (we can remove dust, scratches, colour casts and more to bring your slide back to life).

negative scanning
slide scanning
Into The Slide & Negative Scanner

Next we will carefully take each of your slides/negatives and put them into a specially designed plastic tray to protect them once they are inside the scanner. Once they are in the tray we then use a goats hair brush, which is especially soft, to brush them to remove any surface dust.

Time To Scan

The third step in our scanning process is to scan the slides & negatives using our 22 megapixel scanner which captures an incredible amount of detail producing a high resolution digital JPEG image.

slide scanning birmingham
birmingham slide scanning
Photoshop Time

Next we bring all of your slides into the latest version Photoshop CC to rotate where necessary and check for dust, scratches and colour casts and restore them as advised when the slides & negatives were first brought to us.

Burn to DVD

Finally we burn your digital JPEG images into a Photo Disc Slideshow which places the original files on to a DVD as well as generating a slideshow for you to view them on a DVD Player at home.

dudley slide scanning
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