Birmingham Photography Exploration Trip

As part of Lauren’s Apprenticeship I thought it would be good for her to see all sides of photography, not just the studio portraits & wedding photography elements. Therefore I suggested that we should go to Birmingham and try the whole range of photography opportunities that a city has to offer including Street Photography, Landscapes, Macro, Architectural photography and more.

We began by exiting Snow Hill train station and made our way to St Chad’s Cathedral and the park area that surrounds it. This offered many opportunities as well as being surrounded by high rise office blocks which often offer abstract scenes and unusual reflections.

birmingham architectural photographer
birmingham architectural photography
st chads park birmingham
st chads cathedral
st chads birmingham
birmingham cathedral
cathedral birmingham

As we continued into the heart of Birmingham City Centre we passed a number of side streets, but the one we ventured down was Needless Alley, this is a street that I always make a point of visiting due to it’s independent clothing shop, Disorder. The alley itself also provided a couple of good photo opportunities due to the way it is designed and the reflections on the buildings either side.

needless alley birmingham
modern office building birmingham
building photography
modern office building birmingham
building photographer

A photography visit to Birmingham would not be complete without photographing one of the most photographed buildings in the world, the Selfridges building. This abstract & ultra modern building is a photographers dream with its unusual curves and metal discs it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

selfridges building birmingham
selfridges building
birmingham selfridges building
selfridges birmingham

I also love the juxtaposition of new and old in the city, The Church of St Martin in the Bull Ring right next to the Selfridges building as the city continues to modernise and refresh itself.

birmingham city photographer
birmingham city photography
birmingham photographer

I have always meant to go inside the Church, St Martin in the Bull Ring however i’d never gotten around to it and so I was thrilled to have some time to explore this beautiful church. The stained glass alone is worth a visit, as you can see in the images below.

church st martin in the bullring birmingham photograph
church st martin in the bullring birmingham glass
church st martin in the bullring birmingham
church st martin in the bullring birmingham stained glass
church st martin in the bullring birmingham organ pipes

On the final stretch of our time in Birmingham we took some time to practice the art of Street Photography. Something which always seems so simple, quite simply take photographs of people/pets etc on the street, however doing it without being spotted (and thus breaking a natural photograph) is anything but simple. We also captured some photographs highlighting the beautiful angles that can be seen in the way some of the buildings have been constructed.

birmingham graffiti
birmingham sticker graffiti
birmingham street photography
oden sign
old meets new birmingham
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